PET Bottle Flakes
PET bottle flakes are shredded into small pieces or flakes that are used for converting into different items. These are used for making polyester bag, fabrics and more. PET bottle flakes also find their usage in cushions and pillows as filling materials.
Pet Bottles Scrap
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Imported Reprocessed Granules
Imported reprocessed granules are tiny flakes that are utilized for making different types of products like carry bags, mugs, packing covers, buckets etc. These are made by recycling materials. Imported reprocessed granules are made from rubber and plastic.
Virgin Products
Virgin products are known for excellent mechanical properties, longevity and versatility. These are used for packaging of consumer products, automobile plastic parts, textiles and more. Virgin products can also be used in the manufacturing of plastic windows & doors, packing film, water pipe etc.
HDPE Grinding
HDPE grinders are granules that are recycled and remoulded into something useful and brand new. These are highly biodegradable, eco-friendly and durable. Our offered products are suitable for making picnic ware, containers plastic tanks, chemical drums etc. HDPE grinders are available in different colours.
PVC Grinding
PVC grindings are easy to mould, highly versatile, durable and impact resistant. These are utilized for the making of shower curtains, packaging, protective clothing, tents and more. PVC grindings also find their usage in resilient flooring, seat coverings and roofing membranes.